WHO WE ARE - We are Aaron and Ruthann Hiltibidal. Ruthann and I grew up in Christian homes. Early in our childhood, both of us made professions of faith. Later on in life, we came to greatly wonder about the sincerity behind those decisions. At the age of seventeen, after having lived with doubts for many years, I grew tired and weary and determined to talk with someone about my salvation. It was at a teen lock-in on the night of August 22nd that I pulled my older brother aside, who had preached that night, and there I began to share with him my doubts. Shortly after having gone through the Scriptures, I bowed my head and confessed I was a sinner before God and I needed to be saved. I simply took God at His Word and received His Son Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour that night. Ruthann was saved at the age of twenty-one, shortly after her and I were married. After some time under the sound preaching and teaching of the Gospel, God revealed to her that she truly needed to be saved. For a couple of days she had been sharing her concerns about her salvation, so we went over to see my father who was our pastor at the time. That night, more than anything, she knew that she needed to be saved by the grace of God. She bowed her head and confessed her being a sinner and asked the Lord Jesus Christ to save her. She too, simply took God at His Word and received His Son Jesus as her personal Saviour.


WHERE WE'RE FROM- Our family is sent out from Grace Baptist Church in Raleigh, IL. While at Grace Baptist Church, we were privileged to be a part of several different facets of the ministry. Serving in the Sunday School department, conducting the Wednesday night kids program, working in children's church, nursery director, song leader, choir, bus and van ministry, and soul-winning efforts. In 2009, we were privileged to take over what is now called our Generation Now Youth Department. We were able to work with the teens of our church from 2009 to 2014.


WHY WE'RE GOING - We have simply accepted the call of God upon our lives, which is to take the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to the people of Romania. We are simply going so that they can know of the Saviour's great love where with He loved the whole world. The love that He showed by giving His own life on the cross so as to provide mankind with true and lasting salvation. We're going, not just because God has called us too, but because God has placed a desire in our hearts. This desire is to share the truth concerning Jesus Christ, the One who is the Lamb of God which came to take away our sin, with the Romanian people.


CALL TO PREACH - In the summer of 2011, we took the teenagers to church camp, it was there that God began to deal in my heart about surrendering my life to preach the gospel. Up to this point, I taught and preached in the Junior age Sunday School , Kings Kid's Program, and later on in the youth department. I was simply doing my part in the ministry but had never really felt that call upon my life. That summer at camp, God began to deal in my heart about this very issue. I struggled with it about a week and then I surrendered to God's Will concerning His call on my life to preach the gospel.


CALL TO MISSIONS - The night I surrendered my life to preach, though I did not understand at the time, God began to deal in my heart about Romania. I quickly dismissed it, figured it was nothing more than emotions. For the next couple of years, God left me alone about it. During those two years, God helped me grow to the point where I was willing to do whatever and to go wherever it was God would have for us. We had attended a Conference in the summer of 2013, during one of the last nights of the conference, as the preacher was preaching on the subject of saying yes to whatever God's Will was for your life. I told God that I was willing to do whatever He wanted, that night, God began to deal in my heart about Romania once again. He began to remind that it was no accident that I had already been there twice in my life and that I had a foundation of the language. Through some struggle and seeking godly counsel, I told God as long as He had the door open, I would walk through it!




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